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Koodos.com Named In The Independent’s Online Fashion Top 100

Miriam Lahage, founder of online discount designer store Koodos.com, has been named in The Independent’s Online Fashion Top 100. The list compiled the most inspirational, interesting and influential people who are the driving force behind the online fashion industry.

Collated by expert online fashion consultant and digital marketing strategist Leon Bailey-Green, the list included the crème-de-la-crème of online fashion – fashion journalists, photographers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, magazine editors and marketers.

The Koodos website is a well-known favourite amongst the fashion-set for stocking designer shoes, clothing and accessories from designer brands such as Chloe, Gucci and Prada at discount prices.

Miriam was listed first in The Online Fashion Top 100, ahead of other high profile online fashion entrepreneurs such as the founders of net-a-porter, ASOS and mywardrobe.com. Heavy-weight magazine editors of Vogue, HarpersBazaar and InStyle were all featured alongside Miriam, who has over 20 years experience in the US fashion and retail industries.

Originally featuring private sales for designer fashion brands, Miriam changed the business model last year so Koodos could focus more on open sales. Discount designer clothing is quickly becoming the way forward in online retailing, and with almost three years online, Koodos is well ahead of the pack.

Celebrity stylist and fashion expert Nicky Hambleton-Jones commented on Koodos in The Online Fashion Top 100; “Etailers like ASOS and Koodos.com make fashion affordable”, while Dawn Bebe, founder of osoyou.com, declared Miriam Lahage as one of the “Unsung heroes who make the online fashion wheels turn.”

Proving to not only be ahead of fashion, Koodos is also ahead of the online retail industry and developing into a brand that interacts with the online fashion community. This year has seen Koodos.com re-launch their blog, Barginista.co.uk, which has quickly become a popular source for the latest news and information on designer fashion sales both off and online, and has created the ultimate London shopping guide. The brand is also successfully using Twitter to provide loyal followers with their latest discount codes and offers on designer fashion.

Koodos.com stocks designer fashion labels at up to 80% off, including must have designer denim labels from diesel jeans to j brand jeans, and designer accessories including handbags, jewellery and men’s watches.

To read the latest fashion news and discount designer exclusives from Koodos, visit their blog at bargainista.co.uk

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Designer Bags For Anyone Who Wants To Be A Star

What does names like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci and Prada remind you of? Lindsay Lohan during her afternoon shopping? Angelina Jolie just as she’s about to step into a plane? Or Kate Beckinsale on her way to a formal lunch? Whatever it is, I’m sure these brands conjure up images of opulence, sheer

indulgence and classy lavishness. Not something you and I can afford.

Designer bags for designer people. That’s the way it is! Not any more.

In the last few years, quite without anyone realizing when or how it started, designer bags have become accessible to the average Jack and Jane. You know, people who sweat it out at their offices and have to work their knuckles off to build a nest and take loans so they can maintain it? Yeah, I mean ‘us’ folks who need to look carefully at our savings account before we can plan the week’s expenses.

Designer bags minus high end price tags are becoming quite, quite popular. So, I guess a lot of women are settling for quality designer replicas. Why, there’s even talk that some celebrities use high end replicas once every while. With things going the way they are, even they may need to reconsider spending $10,000 on a bag these days.

There’s one thing about buying replicas though. You’ve got to be careful that the replica is a look alike of the real stuff. Like the designer bags offered by Pursefocus.com. This is a manufacturer that actually buys every authentic design so they can perfect the replica! Talk about perfectionism! The Chloe leather bag you see here feels just like the real stuff – soft and satiny. The leather even has the same silken sheen and color. An authentic Jimmy Choo may give you indigestion – settle for a replica designer bag, instead. There are a lot of folks doing it, you know.

Pursefocus.com has imitations of almost all the top designers of the world. Most of these replicas are so good that even a discerning observer would have some difficulty spotting a replica from its original. The same kind of stitch, monogrammed signature, straps, metal hoops, designer hardware, zips and rich leather-like material are used in the replicas. So, you need not fear being spotted!.

Designer bags may be casual collections for those who have billions stashed away in their secret accounts. But, if you’re looking for something you can afford – to own and throw away when you’re tired of it – go for designer replica bags. It’s the only answer each and every time!

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