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New York City has big news. NOT JUST A LABEL (NJAL) is opening it’s first NYC store at the iconic Waldorf Astoria which will feature prominent New York Based brands

NEW YORK, NY, December 2, 2015 — /FASHION TALK/ — Part of the New York City Economic Development Corporation’s (NYCEDC) ‘Made in NY’ initiative, the NOT JUST A LABEL | Made in NY store will showcase a selection of NYC’s most notable emerging designers, including much talked about and highlighted Designer Kamilah Willacy.

New York City has big news. NOT JUST A LABEL (NJAL) is opening it’s first NYC store at the iconic Waldorf Astoria which will feature prominent New York Based brands

Kamilah Willacy’s Design nominated Artworks collection will be shown which is not only made in New York but made in Kamilah Willacy’s very own Design Facilities which is rare for designers.

‘I decided to build out my own production facilities and produce my bags in house not because I wanted to, it was simply because no other factory in the world was used to working with the materials I use”, said Kamilah Willacy.

“I simply didn’t have a choice to produce on my own in New York; it was either design around the capability of the factories out there or produce myself and maintain my desired level of creativity” -Kamilah Willacy

Kamilah Willacy’s accessories are unique and set her apart from most accessories designer’s due to her architectural background and experience in the commercial development and furniture industry. Her industry knowledge as influenced her use of materials. Most of her work is made of architectural steel and high gloss poured glass resin and you will sometimes find real wood and marble used.

The company is Emerging and the go to bag for the royals and elite crowd due to her ability to create bespoke designs on demand.

“ I am able to create bespoke products for my elite customers because I have my own design facilities. It a rewarding feeling and sense of pride you have when you are able to offer something unique for your customers”, says Designer Kamilah Willacy.

Kamilah Willacy’s strategy launching her brand of accessories was to offer entry level pricing to allow the average consumer an opportunity to purchase her product. Starting Price points ranged from $225-$1100.

Her private bespoke bags which can sometimes incorporate real sterling silver frames plated with 24k gold featuring her original artwork can range from $2000-$15,500 on average.

Kamilah Willacy is an example of why the initiative for local fashion and manufacturing in New York is important. It is raising the level of creativity and stimulating the growth of jobs which is very mush needed.

NJAL’s mission is to highlight the city’s fashion industry to the cultural richness of the New York hospitality staple. NJAL is also hosting a series of conversations around all things Made in New York, with industry impresarios including Adam Selman, Gabi Asfour, Becca McCharan, Marcia Patmos, Shelley Fox, Burak Cakmak, and Kelly Cutrone.

For more information about this imitative see more at www.NOTJUSTALABEL.COM

For more information on Designer Kamilah Willacy see more at www.KamilahWillacy.com



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ElementsFashion.com – “Webtique” Grand Opening Offering Apparel, Handbags, Jewelry, Accessories And Vintage Selections For Women

Elementsfashion.com is located in Los Angeles the fashion and entertainment capital of the world. The online offerings includes handbags, apparel, accessories and jewelry. The “web-tique” also offers carefully select vintage pieces that are timeless and rare. Owner, Ebone fuller takes pride in offering the latest and emerging styles at affordable prices and great quality!

Elements fashion caters to women that love fashion that’s unique, hip and affordable. The mission is: “live dream and look fabulous”. Elementsfashion.com also offers visitors free advice on fashion and style trends. The “web-tique” features: “get the look for less” a weekly column for the budget conscious fashionista this selection consist of red carpet or celebrity inspired “looks 4 less”. That are available for purchase onelementsfashion.com.

The “web-tique” offers a selection to fit every women’s style. The site is a one-stop for all your emerging fashion needs. New, vintage and fabulous finds at great prices. Elements fashion also offers personal shopper services. They are available to assist with selecting the perfect gift, professional or casual attire that fit’s your lifestyle and budget. To learn more visit: http://elementsfashion.com.

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Koodos.com Named In The Independent’s Online Fashion Top 100

Miriam Lahage, founder of online discount designer store Koodos.com, has been named in The Independent’s Online Fashion Top 100. The list compiled the most inspirational, interesting and influential people who are the driving force behind the online fashion industry.

Collated by expert online fashion consultant and digital marketing strategist Leon Bailey-Green, the list included the crème-de-la-crème of online fashion – fashion journalists, photographers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, magazine editors and marketers.

The Koodos website is a well-known favourite amongst the fashion-set for stocking designer shoes, clothing and accessories from designer brands such as Chloe, Gucci and Prada at discount prices.

Miriam was listed first in The Online Fashion Top 100, ahead of other high profile online fashion entrepreneurs such as the founders of net-a-porter, ASOS and mywardrobe.com. Heavy-weight magazine editors of Vogue, HarpersBazaar and InStyle were all featured alongside Miriam, who has over 20 years experience in the US fashion and retail industries.

Originally featuring private sales for designer fashion brands, Miriam changed the business model last year so Koodos could focus more on open sales. Discount designer clothing is quickly becoming the way forward in online retailing, and with almost three years online, Koodos is well ahead of the pack.

Celebrity stylist and fashion expert Nicky Hambleton-Jones commented on Koodos in The Online Fashion Top 100; “Etailers like ASOS and Koodos.com make fashion affordable”, while Dawn Bebe, founder of osoyou.com, declared Miriam Lahage as one of the “Unsung heroes who make the online fashion wheels turn.”

Proving to not only be ahead of fashion, Koodos is also ahead of the online retail industry and developing into a brand that interacts with the online fashion community. This year has seen Koodos.com re-launch their blog, Barginista.co.uk, which has quickly become a popular source for the latest news and information on designer fashion sales both off and online, and has created the ultimate London shopping guide. The brand is also successfully using Twitter to provide loyal followers with their latest discount codes and offers on designer fashion.

Koodos.com stocks designer fashion labels at up to 80% off, including must have designer denim labels from diesel jeans to j brand jeans, and designer accessories including handbags, jewellery and men’s watches.

To read the latest fashion news and discount designer exclusives from Koodos, visit their blog at bargainista.co.uk

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Replica Handbags Are Beginning To Be Discovered And Bought Up By Consumers And Retailers In These Troubled Financial Times

The best replica handbags are beginning to be discovered and bought up by consumers and retailers in these troubled financial times. Women in recent years have become caught up in a buying frenzy over designer handbags. These handbags can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

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