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New Technology Supercharges Workouts By Over 50%

  • Burns 50% + Calories, With Over 70% Muscle Activation;
  • Weighs Under 3 Lbs.;
  • Has the Functionality of Over 15 Products In One;
  • Can Be Used With Any Exercise Routine;
  • And Is 100% Mobile, It Can Go Wherever You Go!

Baton Rouge, LA, October 27, 2015 — /FASHION TALK/ — Adrian Cornish and Nathan Roy have innovated a new technology built into wearable shorts that allow users to more than double the results of any exercise workouts, while providing a full body workout system for fitness enthusiasts as well as serious athletes.

Roy said, “Studies by the LSU School of Kinesiology have shown that users experience an average of 70% more muscular activity for muscle strength; 50% + more calories burned to shed unwanted pounds; increase in lactate threshold for increased endurance; and increased cardiovascular activity for heart health; all achieved with low level (5lbs – 25 lbs.) resistance.”

Michael James MacLellan, PhD, Assistant Professor at the Louisiana State University School of Kinesiology said, “Our preliminary research suggests that using this suit increases muscular activity at the shoulders, hips, knees and ankles during walking and running tasks. The added resistance may lead to more effective weight loss due to the increased muscle activity generated by the wearer.”

For busy people with limited time, they can cut their workouts in half, for example, getting the results of an hour in just 30 minutes. They can even wear them during normal activities.

The Apex BRS provides the functionality and comparable resistance of over 15 exercise products in one, including weighted vests, wrist weights, weighted clothing, parachutes, the Vertimax (platform based product), Mass Suit, etc. While other products target limited areas of the body, the Apex BRS provides a full body workout.

The Apex BRS are compression shorts made of a specially formulated nylon fabric that’s laminated with neoprene and reinforced with nylon webbing, giving it a tough yet pliable nature to support high levels of resistance without degrading, while being very comfortable to wear.

The compression shorts have built in attachment points at the legs and hips that act as strong anchors for several levels of resistance latex bands that attach to different areas of the body to target various muscle groups. Horizontal latex bands of interchangeable resistance strengths wrap around the thighs with resistance levels that can be adjusted from five to over 200 lbs on the legs. Optional bands wrap around the arms with resistance from five to 100 lbs.

The BRS doesn’t use any weights, instead creating resistance through the user’s natural motions. At under three pounds, the BRS has minimal hardware and is extremely comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. The combination of its light weight, the fact it’s wearable, with resistance levels surpassing the most sophisticated equipment on the market, along with the ability to use it anywhere, for any length of time, raises the bar for resistance training. It’s a tool not just for athletes, but for people of all ages and fitness levels. With the improvements users gain in speed, agility, explosion, and endurance. It’s easy to see why users feel like they’re the bionic man or woman after training with the BRS.

Tommy Moffitt, LSU head strength and conditioning coach passionately endorses the BRS, and has given his blessing in a testimonial that is on Apex’s website.

Adrian and Nathan have launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to raise $20,000 in support for their company. Backers can pledge from $18 to $5,000 for incentives that include special early bird discounts on the BRS for under $100.

To find out more about the Apex BRS, follow their updates and support their campaign, visit the Kickstarter page through November 19. or visit their website, The Bionic Resistance Shorts (BRS) suggested retail is $159.99.
About Apex Conditioning and Resistance
Baton Rouge-based Apex Resistance and Conditioning LLC is a fitness apparel company that’s leading the way with an innovative approach to strength and conditioning with their flagship product the Bionic Resistance Shorts (BRS). The inventor Adrian Cornish is a former standout track and field athlete and a biology premed graduate. He is considered an expert in the field of resistance conditioning. Co-founders Adrian Cornish and Nathan Roy are available for phone interviews or live interviews in the Baton Rouge area. For additional articles or more information, visit

Adrian Cornish
Apex Resistance and Conditioning LLC

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Fit By M™ Bringing Sexy Confidence To Your Work Outs

Los Angeles, CA, July 08, 2015 — /FASHION TALK/ — When you hear words like sexy fitness wear you may wonder how one can be sexy, working out, and comfortable in clothing at the gym. Celebrity stylist and designer Sarah Wallner has answered this question with her sexy women’s fitness apparel line Fit By M™. “The gym and work out training facilities have become America’s new social environment. In this environment females want to feel sexy, confident, and empowered” says Wallner. She was inspired to create Fit By M™ to support female confidence, performance, and physical fitness in the work out arena.

In a recent study 80 percent of Americans do not get enough daily exercise. “Fit By M™ was created as a tool in helping women feel better about their bodies while increasing daily activities” says Wallner. Some of Wallner’s biggest credits include magazine covers for Flex Magazine, Playboy Magazine, Fitness Rx Magazine, Oxygen Magazine and her designs and stylings have been seen on celebrities like Paris Hilton, Melanie Iglesias, Jessica Burciaga, Joanna Krupa, Shauna Sand-Lamas, Monica Brant, Kendra Wilkinson, Brooke Burke and many others.

Fit by M™ is already being accredited as the new trend in female fitness wear. The stretch flattering material and trendy colors are sure to be a national sensation making females all over the world feel better about being active. Wallner also believes fitness isn’t just for the “already” sexy. “I want this line to be available to women of different shapes and sizes.” Wallner herself went through a fitness transformation and wants to inspire girls who aren’t just a size four. “Feeling confident in my gym work out apparel made me motivated to work harder towards my own fitness goals”.

The Fit By M sexy women’s fitness line will be launched July 2015 at and

Sarah Wallner

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Perspectives Yoga wear online store showcases Spring 2015 with the Inaugural Brand launch Photoshoot, Sanctuary Amid Chaos

MIAMI, FL, April 06, 2015 — /FASHION TALK NEWS/ — Perspectives YogaTM wear is thrilled to announce the Spring 2015 opening of the online shop with its inaugural photoshoot, Sanctuary Amid Chaos. Perspectives Yoga is an online retailer with women’s leggings, sports bras for medium to low impact workouts and a collection of scarves blending yoga wear with fashion forward trends.

Based in Miami, Perspectives Yoga showcases a unique clothing perspective for the yoga industry with a colorful photoshoot of vivid graffiti art riddled onto the cabs and aisles of an abandoned train. Says owner and curator Jémea Kingsby, “our Sanctuary Amid Chaos shoot is a metaphor for how we as yogis live day-to-day. Finding serenity in your space, no matter where or what that space may be, the peace can only come from within ones’ own self.”

Yoga mats are laid across the dusty train cab floors, depicting peaceful yoga asanas, poses, while outside the train features models clad with boxing gloves and cross training styles depicting fierce edge and vivacious styling, channeling the strong female energy we all are on the outside. The photoshoot celebrates serenity, joy, contemplation and an inner strength and stamina that we all hold close to our hearts. Perspectives Yoga represents that female energy who seeks peace, love, balance and a passion for following joy. (View the spring 2015 look book

The mission is to encourage people to seek a new perspective, find balance in their lives, pursue their passion and awaken real joy. Motto: Change what you can, your perspective. Perspectives Yoga wear is sharing one new perception: yoga wear can fashionable clothing that is functional, comfortable, vivid prints and still be affordable; sports bras averaging $18.50 USD, and leggings averaging $23.50.

Contact-Details: Perspectives Yoga
1951 SW 7th Ave
Bldg 160 – Ste 191
Miami, FL 33136
Phone: 305.204.YOGA (9642)

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Sea of Pearls LA Unveils New Women’s Sportswear Line – Redefining Basics with Modern Luxury

We are proud to announce a new women’s Knit line, Sea of Pearls LA.

Sea of Pearls LA is launching their first collection, a beautiful selection of anything-but-basics in solid colors and simple prints.

The clothing line features wardrobe staples, like tunics, tops and maxi dresses, all meticulously made to look good on almost any body shape. The pieces are made in luxurious knits, soft wovens and jerseys that are incredibly soft and retain their shape wear after wear.

The first Sea of Pearls LA mini-collection features soft tunics and tops in solid colors that can be mixed and matched with almost any separates, from jeans to maxi skirts.

Sea of Pearls will be launching a larger collection in the coming months, including knits tops and dresses.

The first collection will debut at the upcoming Los Angeles Fashion Market from January 12-15, 2014 at the New Mart, Suite #1108. Next, it’s onto Seattle for S.W.A.G Seattle, February 2-4, 2014, Booth # 4301. Sea of Pearls will also be exhibiting at Magic Market Week in Las Vegas from February 18-20, 2014.

To learn more about the new line, please visit their official website at
Social Media:
Twitter @seaofpearlsla
Instagram: seaofpearlsla

Contact Details: Tel: 626-279-1550
Contact: Geneveive Cruz

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i.p.d. Launches New Men’s Apparel Brand Toward Japan Market

i.p.d. – International Pro Designs – known as a legendary surfboard brand/manufacturer based on Huntington Beach, California, has launched a new apparel business with its high end men’s clothing for adult surfers focused primarily on Japanese market.

i.p.d. was founded in 1981 by Bob Hurley (currently at Hurley International) as a small custom surfboard maker and eventually taken over by Eisaku Murata, one of Bob’s trusted surfboard shaper, when Hurley explored a new venture with a fashion business.

In 2012, i.p.d. announced stepping into an apparel field while continuously providing quality surfboards. i.p.d. begins distribution toward Japan where its fashion market is the second largest in the world. The first line up consists of 2 core designs – high quality dress and casual white shirts for adult surf lovers.

Solo Ishijima, Apparel Business Director, states that “We don’t chase trends that go away quick. Speeds often hamper creative ideas. Let’s have fun and focus on quality and details that will be loved for ages. That is our philosophy. i.p.d. will always be proactive with regard to challenging and asserting ourselves. We provide quality after-surf life and detailed genuine fashion for adult surfers from Huntington Beach, California.”

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Wicked Footwear Offers Vegan Hemp Shoe. It’s The Real Deal On Natural Material Shoes

Many shoe companies talk about being green, eco friendly etc. etc but in dubious times reality checks are needed, so let us ask the question openly: Do shoe brands actually walk their talk?

One shoe company; Wicked Footwear has been at the fashion forefront since 1997 establishing several brands fitting many lifestyles, from motorsports and lifestyle collection to hikers and casual walkers. Now Wicked Footwear is pleased to introduce you to its newest division — Wicked Hemp a VEGAN FRIENDLY COMPANY.

Wicked Hemp takes the extra step of using natural materials that are friendly to the earth and it’s a good fit for their customers around the world that wear their shoes. The ‘other guys’ make claims about their shoes being ‘green’ but the materials most brands they use are not really sustainable despite what they claim, it’s just probably only the name tag.

OK, what make’s for the truth are the two major components of all footwear, the upper materials and the soles. Wicked Hemp primarily uses HEMP throughout their line.

Most recently Wicked Hemp experimented with trying BASKET WEAVE wood pulp materials that were successfully introduced. Think about it, Wicked Hemp uses wood and hemp, two abundant materials that have been around for thousands of years. When properly utilized hemp has many different uses or benefits for society that include products such as paper, textiles, oil, rope, boat sails and canvas.

Matter of fact, the name canvas is derived from the Arabic word meaning cannabis. Hemp is a plant that can be used to produce thousands of products, why not shoes? Hemp is of the same plant species that produces marijuana but you can’t smoke this. Its scientific name is Cannabis Sativa. Hemp has been used for thousands of years to produce. Both upper materials are sustainable and have been proven to last. Recently hemp material was found that was over 8 thousand years old.

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The Original Skate Shoes Manufacturer Proves To Be A Big Hit With The Youth Market At

The original skate shoes manufacturer proves to be a big hit with the youth market at; however the highly functional and stylish skate have much broader appeal.

Vans shoes first came to the market in 1966, catering to the growing popularity of skateboarding and rapidly became one of the best loved street brands, producing a wide range of shoes and apparel specifically targeting the highly popular sport. With such a long pedigree in the industry, it is no surprise that they are one of the leading brands for skaters, and with top names endorsing the brand including some of the world’s leading skateboarders, and sponsorship of some of the major skating and x-games events, they remain at the forefront of the sport.

“Vans are one of the most easily recognisable skate brands, having provided the footwear for generations of skaters since the birth of the sport in the 1960’s and are just as popular today as when the skating craze first started” says MD Richard Gundle. The shoes are a popular choice at the online skating and extreme sports apparel store, with the brand no longer restricted to skaters, with it now catering to the full range of street sports.

Whilst the brand has diversified from skater apparel and footwear into all extreme street sports, Vans shoes are still primarily constructed for skateboarders, providing a high quality construction, double and triple stitched panels for extra protection from grip tape, and use leather and mesh for comfort and breathability, in addition to traditional suede to give greater durability to deal with a highly abrasive environment.

Vans shoes are the product of years of research and testing, and feature the waffle grip sole unit which is still widely regarded as the best sole design for skate shoes in the industry, providing unbeatable grip and great board feel. Vans shoes use vulcanized sticky rubber for the soles, with a waffle iron pattern to maximise surface area for expert traction, whilst each section acting as a sucker to keep the feet firmly on the board. Skate shoes are known to have to deal with brutal treatment, with Vans shoes designed to cope with the abuse from grip tape and concrete, with high wear areas reinforced to improve the lifespan. Vans have incorporated their Duracap system into the shoes, so that they remain functional when the uppers wear through, thanks to a thin rubber underlay which prolongs the lifespan considerably.

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Keen Shoes Sales Surge at

Warm spring weather sparks a surge in sales of Keen Shoes, as water sports and outdoor enthusiasts are able to secure early season discounts on hybrid shoes for the summer.

The first decent spell of warm sunny spring weather is usually enough to see consumers heading to the shops and online stores to pick up new footwear for the summer. This year has proved to be no different, with most of the country bathed in sunshine and temperatures heading into the twenties, it was a welcome reminder that summer is fast approaching and that wardrobes need to be replenished before the summer starts. Visitors to online performance footwear retailer have been treated to massive early season discounts on summer shoes and sandals, with Keen shoes one of the most popular choices. Current discounts offer up to 20% savings on the recommended retail price, something which has proved to be too much to resist for its customers with Keen shoes sales soaring.

Keen shoes started life in 2003, with the brand formed with the singular goal of producing a new breed of sandal which offered exceptional protection for the toes. The brand was launched with the Keen Newport, a revolutionary new shoe with the lightweight and airy design of a sandal and the sturdy performance of a walking shoe. Termed hybrid footwear, the shoes offered the benefits of both shoes and sandals, and proved to be an instant hit with outdoor enthusiasts, with both hikers and water sports aficionados flocking to the brand. One of the key components which made the brand such a runaway success is the patented toe protection system. The soles of Keen shoes wrap up and around the toes for exceptional protection on the trail and from underwater hazards, with the quick drying water resistant design ideal for a life in and out of the water. Whilst the toe protection system was designed for use in their range of sandals, the system now features in every Keen shoe model, even in their range of slippers, making stubbed toes a thing of the past.

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Internet Sales Soar at As Icy Conditions Continue

The Bleak weather outlook at the Christmas rush sees many stay indoors to do their Christmas shopping, with record sales recorded at

Two weeks of bitter cold, snow and ice has kept many Christmas shoppers indoors, however the current thaw has seen shoppers head out in their droves to make up for lost time with shopping centres and high streets inundated. However with a further cold front fast approaching, and more subzero temperatures expected later this week, anyone looking to leave Christmas shopping until the weekend could well be in for a miserable time. With a few days still left to post in time for Christmas, the sales rush is being felt at, the nation’s favourite online supplier of outdoor clothing and footwear.

Whilst many head out and brave the queues and cold weather, online stores such as have enjoyed record visitors and sales, as many shoppers choose to ease the burden this year by ordering their presents and warm winter clothing online. The website has long been a popular choice in the run up to Christmas, with the full range of outdoor footwear and equipment the natural place to shop for lovers of the great outdoors. However more and more shoppers are taking advantage of the convenience of internet shopping with the conditions outdoors being an extra incentive to buy many presents online this year.

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Outdoor Look Inspire Action with Autumn Outdoor Wear

Summer is drawing to a close. The longer days and the sunny sky made for perfect conditions for following an outdoor pursuit. Autumn is nearly upon us, and for a large portion of outdoor enthusiasts, it’s the best time of year to go outside.

Online outdoor clothing retailer are there to help, and offer a fine selection of affordable clothing engineered for the outside, from top quality brands such as Craghoppers, Hawkshead and Regatta, so you can be confident and comfortable during those crisp and fresh autumn mornings.

The Regatta name has over 80 years of valuable experience catering for the outdoor lover. During this time they have evolved into the UK’s largest supplier of outdoor clothing, in addition to being a popular brand on the continent too.

Regatta’s motto; “Come out and play”, represents the character of the brand perfectly, and this autumn, Outdoor Look are offering their ‘best-selling’ item, the Regatta Action Trousers, at half price! Keeping in tone with the classic trouser design, the comfortable Regatta Action Trousers bring together comfort and durability.

Engineered with a water repellent finish, the Regatta Action Trousers have a double seat to provide extra strength, making them an ideal for the uncertain weather conditions ahead this autumn.

Ian Brookes, founder of, says; “The Regatta Action Trousers are our best-seller, and it is not difficult to see why. The combine a traditional casual style but have been engineered to do more than look good.

“A trouser with a water repellent feature is a must for any outdoor lover, and we at Outdoor Look are proud to be offering them as such a fantastic discount.”

Available in both Men’s and Women’s, the Regatta Action Trousers are available in a variety of colours complimentary to the rest of the Outdoor Look range.

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Get The Outdoor Look For Festivals This Summer

With the summer music festival circuit in full swing, Outdoor Look founder Ian Brookes has highlighted the attention that should be paid to ensuring you are properly attired for a long-weekend of potentially mixed weather conditions.

Having recently had celebrated their first anniversary online, Outdoor Look are amidst their second summer catering for festival goers, and even though many are now travelling abroad to potentially warmer and sunnier climates, many more are opting to stay in Britain to sample festivals which are popping up across the country.

But with British weather famously unpredictable, there is almost a market in itself for festival wear; durable, comfortable clothes with no sacrifice made on design or fashion.

Ian Brookes, Managing Director at said: “Whilst it is important to cover for all eventualities, at the same time you don’t want to take too much with you to the festival. We stock a great collection of outdoor wear, from waterproof jackets and warm fleeces, to durable t-shirts and comfortable shoes, which are all well designed and built to last, whatever the weather.”

The UK’s leading stockists of discount Outdoor clothing stock a range of well-known brands such as Regatta, Hi-Tec, Craghoppers, and Helly Hansen, with up to 75% off RRP and free delivery on orders over £50.

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TES S/S 2011 Men’s Luxury Accessories In Alligator And Calf Colored By Hand

ES announces the first collection of up and coming designer Marco Vaccari. The collection will be presented at the TRANOI Parc Royal Showroom for 4 days during the Paris Menswear Fashion Week, June 24th – 27th. The collection is open to guests of the TRANOI Fashion Tradeshow.

TRANOI is an exclusive Fashion Tradeshow marked for its ability to launch unknown designers into household names. Far from the commercial mass Fashion Tradeshows, it focuses on emerging talent and authentic innovators.

In a few short months TES has received international acclaim, with distribution through luxury department stores L’Eclaireur in Paris and Strasburgo in Japan (Ginza).

TES is also opening distribution in the Middle Eastern, Russian, Asian, American and European markets via collaboration with the Damasco Showroom located at Via Senato 6, Milan, Italy

The Spring Summer 2011 Collection represents a masculine approach to the contemporary. Through 4 lines:

TRADIZIONI, Traditional craftsmanship

REVERSIBILE, Reversible belts in super soft calf leather

TINTO A MANO, Hand Colored alligator and calf leather

QUARTA LINEA, The 4th line offering a more robust approach to the men’s accessory

The collection is a union of couture, taking into consideration material, workmanship and liberty of form. The material itself, which is painstakingly sourced, hand treated, sewn and dyed, becomes a point of departure for a dandy and refined man.

Creativity is rarely enough to create luxury. The TES Men’s accessory is an intersection between the skilled ability of the Vaccari family, experts in the field of belt and wallet creation and design of 28-year-old Marco Vaccari.

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Animal Online Store Launches New Watch Range And Dedicated Microsite

Animal the freesports apparel brand is proud to announce that their new watch range has been launched on their online store.

The launch of the new watch range marks the anniversary of Animal’s 22nd year in the freesports watch industry and is the largest and most diverse watch range designed by the Animal in-house team.

All Animal watches are 100% designed and built f r o m scratch by the Animal design team. During the lifespan of every watch model, Animal reviews, improves or replaces any component that doesn’t come up to scratch using information received f r o m Animal sponsored riders and customers.

Recent key pieces have used titanium cases and bracelets, carbon fibre, laser-etching, and advanced composites. Another highlight in the range available on the Animal E Store is the RIP System model that charges by the wearer’s movements, and never requires battery changes.

The new Animal watch microsite will showcase the full range of Animal men’s watches and women’s watches as well as including key features such as a filter system which enables customers to select their ideal watch. Team rider testimonials and added bonuses such as downloadable wallpapers will also be included.

Animal aligns itself as a lifestyle brand based around a number of core sports including surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, bodyboard, mountain bike, BMX, wakeboard, freeski, snowboarding and motorcross. Animal also sponsors key events across these sports and has a team of riders ranging f r o m youth development through to professional.

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Animal, The Freesports Apparel Brand, Is Proud To Announce That The New Animal E-Store Now Gone Live Has

The E-Store will stock one of the widest selections of Animal products available in the UK including extensive clothing ranges as well as watches, footwear, luggage, eyewear and accessories.

Animal has taken the decision to launch an online store as e-tailing is the fastest growing form of shopping and is proven to have become an essential part of Animal customers’ lives.

Animal CEO Kevin Keaney said: “I am delighted that with the launch of the Animal E-Store our loyal customers across the UK will now be able to access a full range of Animal merchandise 24/7. The benefit of shopping at the E-Store will be its ability to offer Animal products UK wide and in a space unconstrained by shop floor size.”

Not only will the E-Store stock all the latest Animal collections but there will be regular opportunities to win unique and exclusive prizes. All orders before the 30 September will receive free standard delivery and automatically go through to a prize draw to win a holiday for two on next year’s Animal Snowcamp to Austria.

The E-Store gives shoppers the chance to check out the new autumn/winter season range just as the new Animal clothes are going into stores. As well as clothes, shoppers can order footwear, wallets, gifts and Animal bags. E-gift vouchers are also available for those who are traditionally tricky to buy presents for.

About Animal
Established in 1987 in Poole, Dorset, Animal is one of the UK’s leading freesport brands specialising in the design, marketing and retailing of freesports influenced clothing, technical clothing, footwear, luggage, eyewear, accessories and watches.

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Win One Of Two Weekend Trips Away Courtesy Of SweatyBetty

The UK is in full summer swing and SweatyBetty has recently released a new glamorous summer and beach wear range for fit and healthy females. The new striking beach wear collection sees the arrival of several stylish statement pieces and outfits for the uber active. The beach wear collections have something for everyone, longer length tankinis, bandeaus, three way tops, gorgeous halter bikinis, under-wire options, padding and larger cup sizes help to ensure a perfect fit. Nevertheless, the really exciting news is the arrival is the new and improved Fitflop. Last year Sweatybetty helped in creating the popularity attached to the Fitflop.

The sports and leisure fashion brand are renowned for its collaboration with the cult brand fitflops. For those who are not yet aware, TEXT Fitflops are a new, innovative and fashionable footwear sandal which will tone legs and bum whilst on the move. Fitflops are a great way to get fit and look great without stepping foot in the gym. Fit Flops are available at Sweatybetty in a range of colour, designs and sizes. Fitflops are engineered with a safety tapered varying density mid-sole that creates a micro wobbleboard workout in every step. Furthermore, the Fit Flop’s uniquely built multi-density midsole activates muscles mid-step to help tone thighs, calves and gluteus maximus.

The new and exclusive black and white Walkstar III features dynamic topstitching, streamlined leather upper and a soft microfiber lining for maximum comfort across the instep. Like all fitflops they are built with the patent-pending ‘microwobbleboardTM’ mid-sole technology. This technology is proven to load and work a range of muscles more effectively when wearing them on the move. Fitflops are idea for any individual, male or female that may not have enough time to regularly go to the gym. The advanced technology makes these sandals an idea substitute for the gym, perfect for those individuals regularly on the move and looking to stay fit, toned and lean.

SweatyBetty’s fantastic offer to win a magnificent weekend break, all expenses paid is only available for a limited time. Every pair of Black and White Walkstar III sandals features a street plan of a major city on its sole. If guessed correctly, a weekend trip is up for grabs. Just answer the simple question, which city’s street map is featured on the bottom of the black and white Walkstar III sandal by Fitflop? If answered correctly the lucky winner could be jet setting off on a luxury break to that city, with flights, accommodation and a whopping £500 spending money all included. The competition is open to all United Kingdom residents.

To enter this competition visit SweatyBetty online.

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Official Pro Sports Expands Inventory Of MMA Clothing To Include Triumph United Styles, ADX Fight Wear, Extreme Pain

Official Pro Sports, a leading retailer of professional sports apparel and equipment today announced the addition of many new lines of MMA clothing including top brands such as Chess Game Fight, Extreme Pain. Representing a collection of up and coming contenders in the world of Mixed Martial Arts, Official Pro Sports has captured the essence of what makes the ultimate fighting industry so engaging for fans of all ages and backgrounds. From Triumph United and ADX to Extreme Pain and Sprawl, Official Pro Sports brings forward the hottest brands in MMA clothing and a MMA Gear. You can find MMA shirts from The Pain Factory and Chess Game Fight wear among others.

Featuring top fighters such as Kimbo Slice from EliteXC, Mayhem Miller WEC Fighter, Rampage Jackson UFC Fighter, Team M, Tiki WEC Fighter, and Sokoudjou. The addition of these new lines provides competitors and fans with a variety of comfortable styles and quality threads to practice, compete or simply represent. Official Pro Sports seeks to be the source for professional sports apparel and like many of the fighters of MMA today, the online retailers has quickly made a name for itself among its competition. As part of its low cost shipping policy, Official Pro Sports offers five dollar shipping on all United States orders and seven dollar shipping on all Canadian orders.

“Adding to our selection of MMA clothing, a MMA Gear, and MMA Shirts, has been a continuous effort. We aim to stay ahead of the trends and bring style and value to world of MMA,” said Keoki Kaine, spokesperson for Official Pro Sports. “Offering competitive prices on top brands, we seek to bring the underground world of MMA clothing to the masses. We couldn’t be happier with the recent activity revolving around MMA gear,”Kaine concluded.

Official Pro Sports offers the benefit of one stop shopping for MMA gear and MMA clothing supporting a variety of fan gear across the professional sports and mixed martial arts arena.

As a multidimensional supplier of sports apparel and equipment, Official Pro Sports carries a number of brands in MMA clothing, UFC gear, NFL, MBA, MLB, NHL, Elite XC and motorsports apparel, gear and equipment. By providing low cost shipping rates and competitive prices, Official Pro Sports provides everything you need to “keep it official”. For more information on Official Pro Sports, please visit

About Official Pro Sports
Official Pro Sports is a leading online retailer, providing professional sports apparel and equipment for MMA, UFC, WEC, NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, Elite XC and motorsports. The company takes pride in being a single source for athletic apparel including MMA clothing, a UFC Gear, fight & sports apparel, as well as many other items offering serious athletes official apparel and equipment to compete like professionals. With headquarters in Murrieta, CA, Official Pro Sports is a privately held company. Founded in January, 2008 Official Pro Sports has quickly become a key player allowing customers to “Keep it Official with Official Pro Sports.” For information about Official Pro Sports please visit the company’s web site at

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Summer Closeout Sale On Women’s Golf Apparel, an established retailer of golf equipment, golf apparel and golf accessories, today announced its Summer Closeout Sale on Women’s Golf Apparel, including top brands such as Verdina, Aphira, Le Tigre, Puma and more.

Prominent in the closeout lineup is the Verdina collection which provides female golfers the advantage of style, comfort and performance offering a number of prints, colors and clothing items including dresses, skorts, skirts, shorts, pants and shirts. From wrap dresses, to racerback, florals and stripes, women can swing with ease and look good at the same time. As summer comes to an end, many of the items are offered at reduced prices, offering shoppers tremendous savings.

Within the closeout sale, shoppers can find versatile shorts and skorts that are not only ideal for the golf course but also for everyday wear. Complete with the practicality of shorts with the added feminine qualities of a skirt, the Verdina skort features deep pockets designed to hold all the essentials, tees, picks etc. With the built in shorts underneath, this skort makes a round of golf one in which golfers can play with confidence and discretion.

“The Verdina Golf Line is quite popular among our in-store shoppers as the fabrics, patterns and cuts are ones that female golfers can appreciate,” stated Sherri Brown, spokesperson for Blind 9 Golf. “Our entire Closeout on Women’s Golf Apparel provides shoppers with significant savings, with many items being close to 50% off list price,” Brown concluded.

In addition to the Verdina line, customers can browse among other top brands such as the well known Aphira line, Le Tigre and Puma collections. Manufactured from quality piques, cotton, lycra and spandex blends, many items provide soft durability with ease of movement and breathability as additional benefits.

Featuring the latest and most desired products on the market, Blind 9 Golf aims to provide golfers the ability to perfect their game with cutting edge equipment, accessories and performance fitting clothing. In addition to the Women’s Golf Apparel Sale, Blind 9 Golf provides seasonal best sellers, classic standbys and the newest trends in golf apparel, golf equipment and golf shoes for men, women and kids.

Providing a wide selection of golf clubs, drivers, shoes and apparel, Blind 9 Golf has a full inventory of golf equipment ideal for all skill levels. For more information on the closeout items or the latest inventory additions, please visit

About Blind 9 Golf
Blind 9 Golf offers a distinguishable selection of golf equipment, golf apparel and golf accessories featuring top of the line manufacturers such as Adams Golf, adidas, Callaway, Bridgestone, Puma Golf, Mizuno, Nickent, OGIO, TaylorMade, Sun Mountain, Verdina, Lija, Kangol, SkyCaddie, Precept, Wilson Staff, Tour Edge, Volvik, Daphne’s Headcovers and more. Founded in 2006 with headquarters and a retail location in Monrovia, CA, Blind 9 Golf is home to golf enthusiasts of all skill levels offering everything needed to equip and prepare today’s golfer for the best game. From golf clubs, putters, golf shirts, golf shoes and accessories, Blind 9 Golf provides quality, selection and affordability. For more information, please visit

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