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Just In Time for the Holiday Season: Natural Glamour

For consumers who desire glamour and luxury without the chemicals, seek no further than Wisely Made, Inc’s all natural hair and skin care products. They are making their long awaited debut to the public just in time for the holiday season.

Many pricey and luxurious beauty products on the market today are saturated with chemicals, artificial colors and fragrances, preservatives, sulfates and more. Some of the biggest beauty makers are unable to even publicize their products are cruelty-free and stand behind what they are marketing.

“That’s exactly why I launched Wisely Made,” said Fabiola Lapeine, President of the luxurious Wisely Made line of all natural skin care and natural hair care products. “I love to look and feel beautiful, but many available commercialized hair and skin care products, unfortunately, do more harm than good, due to their harsh and extreme ingredients.”

Even the so-called “natural hair products” and “all natural skin care products” aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. “Having a featured ingredient like green tea, Shea butter or soy doesn’t necessarily make a product all-natural,” said Lapeine, a Registered Nurse. “Plus, it’s more than just having one specific ingredient in your product. It’s about having the right amount and combinations of other ingredient to actually have a beauty or health-enhancing effect,” she concluded.

The Wisely Made All Natural Approach to Luxurious Beauty
Re-launching with a new and improved line of all natural beauty products this November, Wisely Made bottles up the best from nature and leaves out the synthetic, chemical byproducts so prevalent in everyday beauty products. The company’s natural hair products cater to the needs of hair so it can heal, grow healthy and be strong. What’s more, Wisely Made hair care products can be used on any hair type and work exceptionally well with very tight curls and/or ethnic hair. Wisely Made’s all natural skin care products can be used on all types of skin and due to its lack of chemicals, only goodness and nutrients will be absorbed instead of toxins.

“Due to the intense research as well as quality of our ingredients, the benefits of Wisely Made products are never-ending and constantly nourishing. We are committed to offering quality, safe and real quality natural products and we stand behind our products 100%,” Lapeine said.

About Wisely Made, Inc.:
Wisely Made, Inc. is a produces and distributes a complete line of all-natural hair and skincare products for men and women. Their shampoos, conditioners, body washes, and other natural skin and hair care products contain no preservatives, no artificial colors or fragrances, and no chemicals of any kind. The company operates in the spirit of education and advocacy, hoping to enlighten consumers to the personal and global benefits of using natural products.

To learn more about Wisely Made’s all-natural hair and skincare products, to place an order and to read a list of their products ingredients, visit:

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Halloween Beauty Hints From Nutrimetics

According to research from the Nutrimetics Beauty Lab Report*, two thirds (64%) of Australian females admit they only change their look every couple of years or less!** This month marks the start of summer, Halloween and the approaching party season to inspire a new look, whatever your style. So, even if Halloween isn’t your thing, vamp up your make-up with this how to guide for a more sexy, stand out you.


Step 1: Using a light shade of eye shadow, such as Ivory from the new limited addition nc Illusion Colour Palette, highlight under the brow, and sweep across the lid.

Step 2: With an angled brush (nc Eyeshadow Angled Brush) sweep a warmer colour across the eye’s crease, working from the inside of the eye, out to the edge. Use the shape of your eyebrow to guide where the shadow line finishes. Try nc Illusion Colour Palette in Amber for a warm and shimmering shade of auburn.

Step 3: Define the lash line using nc Liquid Eye Definer in Black flicking the brush outwards at the outer corner of the eye. For a dramatic look, thicken the line and extend the length as required.

For more subtle eye make up that still brings out the eyes, sweep the Ivory shade of nc Illusion Colour Palette across the lid, using a conservative amount of colour. Skip step two and for step three create a more subtle line with a smaller flick on the outer corner of the eye. If needed, use make-up remover on a cotton bud to neaten up the edges of your flick. Try nc Instant Eyes Bi-Phase Make-Up Remover.


Step 1: First, use an exfoliating treatment to create the perfect base for your lipstick. Use Nutrimetics Ultra Care+ Lip Apeel, starting with the exfoliator followed by smoothing the lips with the nourishing balm. This will give lips a soft, even finish when lipstick is applied and will help the colour to hold for longer.

Step 2: Creating the perfect line is key to wearing bold lip colour. Use a lip liner such asnc Perfecting Lip Pencil in Cranberry. Use the pencil to
outline your natural lip shape. Make sure the tip is sharp for a well-defined line.

Step 3: Using the nc Lip Brush, apply colour evenly across the lips, working from the outside in. Try nc Youth Renewal Lipstick in Shebang for a burst of red, or for a warm red/brown try new nc Youth Renewal Lipstick in Mocha, which also contains an inner core to hyrdtrate, plump the lips, reduce fine lines and protect against future ageing.

Colour blocked lips is set to stay in style this summer. For a softer look, try step one and two, omitting step three. Try nc Youth Renewal Lipstick in Whimsy for a flush of colour. For extra plump to the lips, work a lighter colour into the centre of the lips; this helps to make the lips look bigger and fuller.

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Gelish Creates Two Special-Issue LilacPink-Cherry Blossom Gelish Colors

Hand & Nail Harmony, Inc., makers of Gelish, announces the creation of two special limited-edition Gelish colors today, “Pink Cherry-Blossom of Renewal” and “Pink Lilac Sparkle Sunrise.”

Gelish will donate advance proceeds for Japan Tsunami & Earthquake Relief, in order to assist the survivors who live in areas affected by the devastating quake. The two special “Japanese-pink” pigments pay homage to the resilience of the people of Japan.

Harmony’s CEO, Danny Haile, has developed products in Japan for 15 years, working with Tokyo-based Nails Unique, a leading beauty-products distributor.

Mr. Haile is the inventor of Gelish, the holder of an international patent and three US patents pending, the brand front-runner in the newest salon nail-care trend, “the Gelish Permanent Manicure” that uses a unique gel-polish fusion technology. Gelish will donate over $50,0000 in advance to represent sales earnings from the two exclusive tribute shades. The donation period will be effective immediately, starting today through the anticipated period of distribution of the limited run of 1,500 specially-labeled bottles to last until about May 30, 2011. Gelish will donate the funds to the American Red Cross for Japan relief efforts.

Haile, President and CEO of Gelish, and David Daniel, COO, said, “This is a crisis that needs global help from all sectors; all of us here at Gelish and Hand & Nail Harmony extend our thoughts and prayers to the people of Japan and wish to support their relief and rebuilding efforts. We are committed to raising and donating funds to help our overseas colleagues and friends as well as their families and loved ones.”

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The Body Shop Has Unveiled A New Make-Up Range, Nature’s Minerals, Inspired By The Natural World’s Abundance Of Ingredients The Body Shop Has Unveiled A New Make-Up Range, Nature’s Minerals, Inspired By The Natural World’s Abundance Of Ingredients

The Body Shop, a leading global retailer of cosmetics and toiletries, has unveiled a new make-up range, Nature’s Minerals

The collection is clinically-proven to be perfect for those with sensitive skin, free of preservatives, fragrance, and oils – and ideal for those with sensitive skin.

The new make-up range comprises a long-lasting foundation with SPF25 to help protect skin from sun damage, four fresh fabulous cheek colours and six sensational pearlescent eye shades, each contained in jars which include recycled content, with a mesh sifter for easy distribution.

Pure mineral powders have been carefully selected by The Body Shop to deliver adjustable coverage for a light, naturally radiant finish, offering ‘barely-there’ make-up with a slightly pearlescent formulation for healthy-looking skin.

The Nature’s Mineral range also includes a Foundation Brush, Blusher Brush and Eyeshadow Brush, 100% free of animal hair.

The Nature’s Minerals Foundation SPF25 is oil free, dermatologically-tested, non-comedogenic and free from potential irritants like preservatives and fragrances. The Foundation is made up of ingredients including Mediterranean clay and kaolin, which together ensure amazing staying power, Sericite to promote lustre and mica based pearls for a natural healthy looking glow.

The Nature’s Minerals Cheek Colour range is an enduring, blendable powder blush created from pure minerals providing a weightless feel when applied to skin. Choose from: Pink Quartz, Golden Terracotta, Warm Copper and Brown Topaz.

Nature’s Minerals Eye Colour from The Body Shop provides customers with six up to the minute shades. All the shades in this range have been ophthalmologically tested, and are suitable for wearers of contact lenses, as well as those with sensitive skin. Choose from: Platinum Shimmer, Radiant Graphite, Golden Emerald, Pink Opal, Bronzed Amber and Molten Bronze.

About The Body Shop:
The Body Shop International plc is the original ethical cosmetics company, now operating across more than 2,500 stores in over 60 markets worldwide. The Body Shop has constantly sought out wonderful natural ingredients from all four corners of the globe to bring you products bursting with effectiveness, to enhance your natural beauty. We strive to use our planet’s resources wisely, searching for outstanding natural materials and ingredients from across the globe to include in our range of products. We continue to lead the way, sourcing sustainable palm oil, introducing 100% recycled packaging, and raising funds and awareness to help prevent the spread of HIV/ AIDS, and continuing to support marginalized communities around the world through our Community Trade fair trade programme.

For over 30 years The Body Shop has believed that business has the power to make the right kind of difference to the world. Our unique philosophy continues to drive everything we do, allowing our customers around the world to become ‘activists’, simply by choosing from our range of products. As Dame Anita Roddick said: “Activism isn’t listed on The Body Shop labels as an ingredient, but it is there as surely as the bergamot and hemp oil”.

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The Body Shop’s New Online Look And New Products

The naturally inspired beauty and cosmetics company will re-establish their ethical background by promoting a new marketing campaign named Nature’s Way and launching two new product ranges – Wellbeing and Nature’s Minerals, a mineral make-up range.

Worldwide The Body Shop websites will be housed under the same domain name, making it easier for customers to find Body Shop products online. The revamped look will coincide with the launch of the new products which will be made available within the coming days.

Both new product ranges are inspired by the natural world’s abundance of ingredients.

The Wellbeing range offers four new regimes; Total Energy, Pure Detox, Divine Calm and Deep Sleep treatments, which are all produced with natural ingredients based on traditional herbal remedies to help alleviate modern day lifestyle worries.

Many ingredients included within the Wellbeing ranges are sourced through the Community Trade program, meaning a purchase from the range contributes to socially or economically-marginalised communities around the world, from Ghana, Brazil and Nicaragua, to the UK and Republic of Ireland.

The new Wellbeing products from The Body Shop are designed to be easily incorporated into any lifestyle, with customers being able to pick the regime that’s right for them.

The Nature’s MineralsTM range is derived from pure mineral powders, in order to deliver a natural finish, offering ‘barely there’ make up that also helps to achieve healthy looking skin.

Nature’s MineralsTM has been clinically proven to be suitable for those with sensitive skin with each product being preservative free, fragrance free and oil free. The Foundation, Blusher and Eyeshadow brushes available within the Mineral Make Up range are also 100% free of animal hair.

The Body Shop also plans to convert all PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles, from 30% recycled material to 100% over the next 12 months.

About The Body Shop:
The Body Shop International Plc has more than 2500 stores in over 60 markets worldwide. A global retailer of toiletries and cosmetics, The Body Shop is committed to environmental protection and respect for human rights; the company develops trading relationships with communities in need and are against animal testing in the cosmetic industry. The Body Shop also encourages education, awareness and community involvement among its staff and customers.

All The Body Shop products and ranges are suitable for vegetarians, meaning they contain no animal slaughter by-products. Select ranges are suitable for vegans, which in addition contain no animal derivatives, such as beeswax, honey and lanolin.

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Estée Lauder offers free SMS alert 2 days before Gift Time

Estée Lauder has announced the introduction of a new free Gift Time SMS Text Reminder service which allows customers to sign up to receive text messages to alert them that Gift Time (Estée Lauder’s Gift with Purchase offer) is starting at their chosen store.

Available exclusively online, customers can register to receive a text alert via their mobile phone two days before Gift Time starts at their chosen store. Stores presently included in the text message alert service include Boots, Debenhams, Harrods, Harvey Nichols, House of Fraser, John Lewis, and Selfridges. This may be rolled out to further Estée Lauder stores in the near future, including the many Independent pharmacy stockists.

Estée Lauder was the first cosmetics brand to offer this text message service – perfect for those customers who have become devoted Gift Time followers. The text messages are completely free to sign up to and receive, and are proving an invaluable tool to those who love to be the first to know about special offers.

The SMS message service ensures loyal customers do not miss out on their exclusive gifts, while providing them with the opportunity to make their skin care, fragrance or makeup purchase at their favourite store. The message includes the dates that Gift Time is available to and from, as well as details of the qualifier (if it’s with any two Estée Lauder purchases, or any two Estée Lauder purchases, one to be skincare).

Gift Time was the first ever Gift with Purchase offered by the cosmetics world, in 1953. It was first started by Mrs Estée Lauder herself, when she offered her customers a face powder free of charge, with any Estée Lauder purchase. Estée believed that the best way to convert a woman into a customer was to place the product in her hand and let her try it for herself. One of Mrs. Lauder’s favourite quotes was “Tell-A-Phone, Tell-A-Graph, Tell-A-Woman”, based on her belief that once a woman tried a product, she would like it and share it with her friends.

This belief proved to be true, and today almost every beauty house in the world offers the Gift with Purchase concept.

Today, Estée Lauder has a different Gift Time offering for each of their store groups throughout the year. A typical gift will include a mixture of the latest, and best loved deluxe trial sized products, along with a handbag and cosmetics pouch. In each Gift there is an average of 6 deluxe trial sized products including a range of skincare, makeup and fragrance.

The service is perfect for women with busy, on-the-go lifestyles, allowing them to discover great new makeup colours, the opportunity to try the latest skincare innovations and enjoy Estée Lauder fragrance…and more, free with the purchase of 2 or more Estée Lauder products, one to be skincare.

About Estée Lauder
In 1946, Estée Lauder started business with one face crème, and the desire to bring out the beauty in every woman. By the time the revolutionary fragrance Youth-Dew was introduced in 1953, the Estée Lauder Company had already won a reputation for innovation, research and quality.

Now Estée Lauder‘s skincare, makeup and fragrance collections exemplify the best that technology, science and arts can achieve. The Estée Lauder name on a product is recognised in over 100 countries for quality and has gained a worldwide reputation for elegant, and luxurious products that uphold the finest standards of excellence through extensive research and stringent product testing.

The Estée Lauder Company’s’ annual Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign involves all of the 18 brands that make up The Estée Lauder Company. They collectively represent The Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s first and largest corporate supporter. Estée’s daughter-in-law was the creator of BCRF’s signature pink ribbon. Over $10 million has been raised for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation since 1993. Another $1 million was raised from their retail partners since July 2002.

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