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Bang-Bang in Watchland

Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland, 2016-May-27 — /Fashion Talk/ — On March 22nd, the Goldgena Project was launched with the goal of creating affordable mechanical watches with complete transparency regarding their origin and costs. The aim is also to shake up the ‘Swiss Made’ label and the traditional approach to distribution and marketing. The community is invited to share their opinion and even get involved in each stage of the project. At the time of writing, more than 3,500 people have signed up, and our site is recording more than 28,000 visits and 45,000 views every month.

our first design



MARCH, 30TH – CHAPTER 1: TTO Label – Total Transparency on Origin DISCOVER
The Swiss Made label can be obscure and ultimately mislead consumers, as most of the components are manufactured abroad. The Goldgena Team has decided to make their watches with complete transparency, and have thus created the TTO label; Total Transparency on Origin.

APRIL, 13TH – CHAPTER 2: Transparency on Prices and Fixed Multiplier DISCOVER
Goldgena will be communicating and explaining the production cost of their watches. In addition, by selling directly to the end consumer they will be able to apply an unmatched modifier of 3.5 to the production price.

APRIL 27TH – CHAPTER 3: Online Sale, Pop-Up Stores and Sponsorship DISCOVER
The Goldgena Project is planning to foster community power by offering a commission of 10% to anyone who generates a sale. In addition, an application will allow potential customers to meet watch owners, so that they can see the product before buying.


MAY 11TH – CHAPTER 1: Non-Swiss Made, Swiss Made or Swiss Manufacturing? DISCOVER
We wanted our first model to feel mechanical from every angle, so we made the dial an extension of the movement. We wanted the case to be simple, elegant and ergonomic, while still overflowing with character. Fine horns and crosspiece give it a particular, recognizable aesthetic.

In-house or standard movement? Non-swiss made, swiss made or swiss manufacturing? The community shares his opinion.

JUNE-AUGUST: Development and Crowdfunding
During the summer, the Goldgena Project will share every detail of the development. In September a crowdfunding campaign will be launched. The detailed program will be available end on May at

The Goldgena Project Dream Team

The Goldgena Project is run by a small watch design workshop called cosanova, and is currently made up of 3 people. Founded in 2005 by the designer Claudio D’Amore, the workshop is based in the heart of Swiss watchmaking, in Lausanne, not far from Geneva. In little more than 11 years, the cosanova workshop has had the honor of working with around forty watch brands, such as Tag Heuer, Parmigiani, Montblanc, Oris, Eberhard and even Hautlence.

The Founder, Claudio D’Amore
Born in Switzerland to Italian parents, in 2000 Claudio D’Amore (40) graduated from the ECAL (Lausanne Design School) with an HES degree in design. He then set off for London to work with Ross Lovegrove, the famous London-based designer, where he worked on the design of several watches for Tag Heuer (V4, Carrera Caliber 360, Golf Watch). Upon his return to Switzerland in 2005, he founded cosanova.

Goldgena Project, rue de l’Ale 30, 1003 Lausanne, Switzerland
Need more information? : Claudio D’Amore /  +41 21 312 81 34
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Ernest Jones, The Diamond And Watch Specialist, Has Announced The Launch Of Chamilia Jewellery, One Of America’s Most Popular Personalised Jewellery Brands

Chamilia promotes the tag line “Your Life. Your Style”, encouraging its customers to be creative, adventurous and to express themselves, their mood and lifestyle through their jewellery. By introducing Chamilia alongside the existing Pandora collection, Ernest Jones is leading the trend this summer for personalised jewellery with beads and charms.

Chamilia was founded in New York by Killian Rieder and Jeff Julkowski in 2002. Killian Rieder had previously designed for Ralph Lauren Polo and wanted to allow women to customise their jewellery to a mood, moment or memory, in the same way a chameleon changes to fit into its own environment. Using the concept of traditional charm jewellery as a starting point, Killian created a contemporary twist on charm jewellery and Chamilia was born. In its short history, Chamilia jewellery has become one of the fastest growing personalised jewellery collections in the US.

The Chamilia collection is available at and in selected stores and includes high quality Chamilia beads made of 14ct gold and sterling silver. The collection features a wide range of fun and fashionable designs including crown wearing frogs, Mother’s Day beads, Disney beads, and many more including Murano glass.

With more than 500 bead designs and a variety of chains, clasps and spacers, Chamilia offers customers bracelets and necklaces that can be endlessly mixed, matched and personalised to commemorate an event, occasion, relationship or friendship. The breadth and depth of designs and creative possibilities gives the customer an ever-changing feast of design options so they can customise their jewellery in whatever style they desire.

Chamilia jewellery features:

– High quality beads: 14ct gold, sterling silver and Italian Murano glass
– Exclusive Disney Designs
– New designs: new beads are released through the year
– More than 500 bead designs: Chamilia gives customers the freedom to express themselves

About Ernest Jones: The Diamond and Watch Specialist
Ernest Jones, The Diamond and Watch Specialist, has more than 200 stores and a retail website at Featuring a wide range of leading brand watches and high quality jewellery including bracelets, necklaces and a huge choice of rings, Ernest Jones also has a stunning selection of gifts for all occasions. Ernest Jones is part of Signet Jewelers Limited, the world’s largest speciality retail jeweller.

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Customized Pearl Jewelry Collections At At Exciting Prices By Lookforbeauty.Com

Hot on the heels of emerging fashion trends, custom pearl jewelry super webstore announces prices 45-85% below retail stores. This China based fashion jewelry store began selling fashionable freshwater pearl, jade and silver jewelry in 2005. Never looking back, they have managed to lead the industry with trendy, fresh customized pearl jewelry collections at prices their competitors can’t touch.

When asked why has been so successful in such a highly competitive industry, spokesman Peter Lee responded, “Each piece or pearl jewelry that we sell is unique. Combine that with the personalized service we give each and every one of our customers, and it’s a win-win situation.” delivers on its promises with a 100% no questions asked money back satisfaction guarantee. But their dedication to your shopping safety starts way before your bracelets, earrings and necklaces ever reach your door. This jewelry store has a quality control process that ensures that each piece of pearl jewelry is of the highest quality and standards. Dedication like that is not an industry standard. And the webstore doesn’t mind going the extra mile to become your only source for customized pearl jewelry.

When you request special personalization of your pearl jewelry order, the designers at are eager to work with you to create that special piece of customized jewelry for your wedding or casual wear. While other jewelry retailers charge up to an additional 30% of the product price and take weeks and sometimes months for customization of pearl jewelry, is happy to oblige your special requests, free of charge and in only a 1-2 day additional time.

With a wide variety of pearl and other fashion jewelry styles, beats the competition, hands down with a colorful palate of pink, blue, yellow, black and white freshwater and Tahitian South Sea pearl jewelry, in stock and ready to arrive at your front door within 4-8 business days of ordering in most cases. Shipping fees are only $19.99 worldwide and are free of charge on all orders of $150 and over.

Seeking to become your only source for customized pearl jewelry and exciting fashion gemstone collections at affordable prices, offers stellar customer service. Emails are answered within 24 hours and online chat support is offered during standard business hours.

Hail the new fashion jewelry king! offers customized pearl jewelry at exciting prices you can’t afford to miss. Complete product inventory and additional information can be found at

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Gorgeous Gold Jewellery Collection At Ernest Jones

Ernest Jones, the diamond and watch specialist, has announced the UK launch of a new and exclusive collection of designer necklaces, earrings and bracelets, called Gorgeous Gold. Created around the design philosophy of ‘When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you look good’, Gorgeous Gold features a collection of glamorous and affordable jewellery that is both classic and fashionable.

Ernest JonesSpeaking on behalf of Ernest Jones, Head Buyer Jennifer Dean commented: “The Gorgeous Gold collection is an innovative yet timeless range of jewellery that celebrates the allure and beauty of gold. Featuring a combination of yellow and white gold with smooth shapes and delicate chain detail and enhanced by stunning gems, the collection creates in you a desire to feel, touch and put them on and so we just had to have it for Ernest Jones.”

The Gorgeous Gold collection combines the natural shapes of pine needles and pebbles in two-colour gold with black onyx for a truly luxurious finish. This is a classic collection that evokes a glamorous indulgence of days gone by, whilst embracing modern trends and design.

Consisting of a mixture of drop earrings, drop pendants, multi-strand bracelets and necklaces there is great scope for customers to mix and match their Gorgeous Gold jewellery across a variety of looks. This means that this is not only a glamorous collection, but also a versatile one that can be worn for any occasion, with any look. Gorgeous Gold jewellery also covers a wide price range, with something for every budget, ensuring that customers don’t need to break the bank to afford this collection – despite the luxurious designs and materials.

Gorgeous Gold is exclusive to Ernest Jones and demonstrates a customer focused approach that stays one step ahead of fashion. Gorgeous Gold offers Ernest Jones customers desirable, affordable and luxurious jewellery, perfect for those looking for fashionable bargains in the current economic climate.

About Ernest Jones – The Diamond and Watch Specialist:
Ernest Jones, the Diamond and Watch Specialist, has over 200 stores and a retail website. Featuring a wide range of leading brand watches, diamonds and high quality jewellery, Ernest Jones also has a stunning selection of gifts for all occasions. Ernest Jones is part of Signet Jewellers Limited, the world’s largest speciality retail jeweller.

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More Apparel & Fashion press releases – Supporting The UK Jewellery Industry

Why is it that most of of our talented home grown jewellery designers are finding themselves struggling to make a success of their businesses and is it right that we just stand by and do nothing to support these wonderful creative people?

Britain’s got talent? Well of course Britain’s got talent and its not just our popstars, actors and entertainers but also those from the design lead industries and in particular the jewellery trade. But what is it really like these days to be a young fresh jewellery designer just having left jewellery school or a reasonably established one for that matter?

Should the UK consumer be concerned about these issues? Why should we care in this day of imported mass produced goods that is virtually available in an instant? Its not yet a crime to be English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish but to buy British is becoming increasingly more and more difficult as a our home grown goods are squeezed from the shelves in our high streets. As a nation we are not readily offered the choice to buy British goods and therefore we are manipulated by the large retail companies to blindly support the system of mass foreign imports. This obviously affects all our designers very hard and many simply give up trading due to the lack of support and help from companies that in all reality could change this very unfair consumer driven retail industry.

There are however small glimmers of hope if shoppers were to look a little harder. Websites supporting local talent do exist but again are not always easy to find due to the struggle between the retail giants and the limitless number of bargain style websites selling low cost imported goods.

“We are increasingly receiving more and more compliments from our customers buying from us and who are concerned over the fact that the UK shopper is limited to the same high street designs with no individual choice whatsoever.”say Love2Have Ltd., a recently newly established UK based website who solely and passionately believe in selling jewellery made here in the UK by UK based designers. “Our customers understand that they may have to pay a little extra for something unique or individually handcrafted but it is the high quality that counts.”

“We simply need to support these designers before the industry disappears altogether. It would be a tragedy to lose such an important part of the British identity that is so much part of the UKs heritage that dates back to the time of the Celts. We have experienced ourselves a demise in the number of jewellers that can readily promote themselves successfully due to the cost of trade show exhibitions that once again do too little to really help our talent by charging exorbitant prices for exhibition space and jousting them against large multinational companies in the same arenas. This obviously affects all our designers very hard and many simply give up.”

Britains’ got talent? Well of course Britains’ got talent.

Love2Have Ltd truly believe in supporting our home grown creative talent so to find out more why not give their website a visit at and help keep our jewellery industry thriving by buying your jewellery from UK based designers. You will find a range of UK made mens jewellery for both men and women including wedding rings, engagement rings, diamond rings as well as huge range of necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks and earrings.

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Rose Mortem, A Long-Time Icon In Avant-Garde Club Fashion, Has Released An New “Alt-Noir” Bridal Line

Customers at Rose Mortem are more likely to discover gowns reminiscent of Cyndi Lauper than Cindy Crawford, and the company is jubilant about its latest direction. The Rose Mortem bridal line features pristine whites in traditional bride-to-be fabrics of lace and satin while still remaining true to the label’s trademark alternative flair.

“We’ve focused on making fashion that feels like the music,” said Rose Hemlock, CEO of Rose Mortem“There is no reason that shouldn’t apply to special occasions. Releasing a non-traditional bridal line that’s actually tuned in to the times – and making all the gowns available in black or white – was a lot of fun and made sense.” Ms. Hemlock has a right to be pleased. At age 28, with a staff of 6 and a glass-walled studio filled with the sounds of heavy machinery and David Bowie, the formerly Denver-based artist and widowed mother of two is the picture of creative success.

The company is already familiar to most black-inclined fashion enthusiasts. Launching in early 1998, the Rose Mortem label quickly made a name for itself by sponsoring and joining US tours of several European alternative music artists. Among them are German synthpop favorites Wolfsheim, South African rock icon The Awakening, and UK gothic rock legend The Mission UK. Today the music continues at Rose Mortem, with the company hinting at the pending acquisition of an established independent record label before year’s end.

Rose Mortem was most recently featured at the Gothic Cruise fashion show sponsored by Holiday Media / Gothic Beauty magazine and in the magazine’s December issue. Designs are available online at the company’s website and at various retailers throughout the world.

About Rose Mortem:
Rose Mortem is an independent fashion label based in Chicago, Illinois. Launching in Denver, Colorado in early 1998, the Rose Mortem fashion label quickly became a staple source for unique and dramatic custom clothing. Today the label has evolved to offer standard sizes and sells to stores worldwide. The company also specializes in custom fashions for musicians, independent films and theatre productions, and coordinates fashion and art shows featuring musicians and artists from around the world.

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Ernest Jones Announces The Launch Of The Classic American Watch Brand Ball This Autumn

Leading high street jeweller, Ernest Jones, has announced a new exclusive partnership with premier American watchmaker, the Ball Watch Company. A market leader in design, style and heritage, the Ball Watch Company has a long history of producing stylish, rugged and accurate watches which are historically famous for keeping America’s massive railroad network running on time and are trusted by global explorers and adventurers for their durability and consistency.

As the UK’s leading nationwide diamond and watch specialist, with well trained staff whose expertise are reflected in their customer care and product knowledge, Ernest Jones is perfectly suited to introduce this historic and timelessly fashionable watch brand into the UK.

Ernest Jones brand manager Stephen Gaunt is looking forward to the arrival of this prestigious watch brand from the US, “With one of the largest collections of premium watch brands on the High Street, Ernest Jones is delighted to announce this new partnership with Ball watches. The Ball Watch Company’s brand signature style of quality and durability fits well with the strengths of the Ernest Jones watch range and we are proud to introduce its strong heritage to the UK. We’ve already had a very positive response from our watch-enthusiast customers who appreciate the distinctive good looks of Ball watches.”

The Ball Watch Company was founded by Webster Clay Ball, an American jeweller and watchmaker. He was the first watchmaker to use time signals and in 1891 established precision standards and a reliable timepiece inspection system for US Railroad chronometers. At the end of his career, Webb C. Ball was overseeing 125,000 miles of rail tracks in the U.S.A., Mexico & Canada, having greatly contributed to the security of all railroad systems, using his knowledge of watches, timekeeping and his own, accurate timepieces to ensure that the trains ran safely and on time.

The self-proclaimed mission of Ball watches is to be on the wrist of every direct, no nonsense life adventurer in the search of his or her destiny. Single-minded in their commitment to this vision, the Ball Watch Company is focused on building superior watches that are designed for “accuracy under adverse conditions”.

Working in partnership with Ernest Jones, Ball Watches will bring a brand new spirit of adventure to the UK high street. Ball watches are available now at Ernest Jones.

About Ernest Jones
Ernest Jones, the Diamond and Watch Specialist, has over 200 stores and a retail website at Featuring a wide range of leading brand watches and high quality diamond jewellery, Ernest Jones also has a stunning selection of gifts for all occasions. Ernest Jones is part of Signet Jewellers Limited, the world’s largest speciality retail jeweller.

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Replica Handbags Are Beginning To Be Discovered And Bought Up By Consumers And Retailers In These Troubled Financial Times

The best replica handbags are beginning to be discovered and bought up by consumers and retailers in these troubled financial times. Women in recent years have become caught up in a buying frenzy over designer handbags. These handbags can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

As budgets are being trimmed no one is willing to compromise their chic and stylish appearance. They must shop prudently to maintain that look at a more down-to-earth and reasonable price. Keeping our wallets in mind, there are important features to consider when purchasing a replica handbag. It is for these reasons that we introduce ourselves,, to the discriminating consumer market.

It is possible to find replica handbags that display the fine quality of the original designer brands such as Louis Vuitton or Hermes. One needs to take into consideration fabric, color, quality and workmanship. The best replica handbags are amazingly the same as the designer product and so much so that they will be difficult to recognize. When searching and purchasing online the consumer must first make sure they are dealing with a reputable supplier. Many of these replica handbags are manufactured in small factories in France and China and the retailer will have a difficult time locating the quantity, quality and variety required to meet consumers’ demands.

A reputable dealer can offer the array of style, color and materials to the retailer thus eliminating the cost and headaches that come with dealing with customs. These savings in the product search, customs costs and shipping fees can be passed on to the customer. The best replica handbags must be seen and examined to ensure the consumer is getting real leather and top-notch workmanship which is so important when purchasing a designer product. Not only is it this richness that draws the consumer but it is the quality that defines a designer handbag. has established a continuing and strong relationship with the manufacturers of replica handbags in China and has the resources to provide you with inventory that meets all the standards of your specialty store or boutique. With our many contacts we are able to provide the best variety and pricing to keep your inventory attractive and moving out the door. You can rely on our products and service without having to worry about a minimum order. Now that you are here, it is time to get to know us at as your exclusive source for the best replica handbags in the world.

Me To You launch a brand new, limited edition collectible, exclusive to H. Samuel stores across the UK

H. Samuel, the world’s largest specialist jeweller, has recently unveiled a brand new, exclusive Me To You collectible piece called Sitting Pretty, available at top-selling H. Samuel stores a full six weeks before other companies can sell it.

A colourful and well crafted collectible, Sitting Pretty features a blue nose bear sitting down holding a bunch of intricately made and beautifully painted flowers and, at 10 inches tall, the bear is a real show piece, sure to please keen collectible enthusiasts. The piece, which is the latest addition to H. Samuel’s Me to You collectibles range, is strictly limited edition, with just 1500 of them being made.

With a retail value of £120, the Sitting Pretty piece is sure to be snapped up quickly by collectible aficionados and by those looking for a special gift for friends of family who are fans of blue nose bear items. Customers purchasing this particular Me to You collectible will also receive a certificate of authenticity, confirming it’s a genuine blue nose bear piece and displaying its limited edition status.

The Me to You Sitting Pretty bear from H. Samuel is the latest in a long line of collectibles distributed by H. Samuel, with pieces from the aforementioned Me to You, Tuskers, Lilliput Lane, Nao, Swarovski and Cherished Teddies among others also available from the jeweller. H. Samuel also provide an extensive guide to collectibles, detailing the ideas, artwork and products available from different collectible manufacturers, helping customers choose that perfect piece that may be the starting point for future collectors or a present of enormous value for existing collectors.

Collectible enthusiasts can also join H. Samuel’s Collectors Club, allowing them to be the first to know about collecting events where they can meet like minded collectible enthusiasts and brand new releases such as the Kimono Friendship and Clear Intentions ranges coming soon to H. Samuel.

About H. Samuel
H. Samuel is the nation’s favourite High Street Jeweller with over 375 stores and a retail website at Featuring an incredible range of branded watches including Accurist, Diesel and Police watches, H. Samuel also has a stunning range of jewellery, collectibles and gifts for all occasions, offering something for every taste and style. H. Samuel is part of the Signet Group, the world’s largest speciality retail jeweller.

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