Faith Hope Charitees Announces Grand Opening Launch Of New Website Offering High Quality Christian T-Shirts With A Twist Of Humor For A Great Price

Faith Hope Charitees, a Spiritual Gifts brand, announces the grand opening launch of their website,, which offers high quality, humorous Christian t-shirts in many sizes and colors.

The initial offering is limited to five t-shirt designs, but there are over 50 more designs waiting to be launched this year.

Among the various Christian t-shirts offered in this initial launch, one of the favorites is the “Fisher of Men” shirt. It depicts a boy-crazy teenaged-girl’s interpretation of Jesus’ command to his disciples “Come, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men” (Matthew 4:19 ). Our graphic design artist, Marisa Hauptman, had a blast with creating the artwork fo r t hat shirt. “My favorite part is the expression on the young man’s face: accepting that he has been ‘hooked’ but not willing to go without an attitude,” she stated.

The initial target audience fo r t hese Christian-themed t-shirts is Christian youth. The designs are fun to wea r t o school and all sorts of activities. As other designs and styles are released in the coming months, the target demographic will additionally include young adults and kids. There will also be more designs which will appeal to young men.

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Topshop Pledges Continued Support for NEWGEN and Fashion East

Topshop has announced that it will continue to sponsor the NEWGEN and Fashion East schemes, and is the single biggest supporter of emerging fashion talent in London.

As always, Topshop customers had unrivalled access to the fashion industry’s key players during London Fashion Week and Topshop’s support of young London designers came to life in the Oxford Circus store as well as at Somerset House.

An area of the Oxford Circus store has been transformed into a creative fashion space, where visitors can pick up a collectable bookmark for each NEWGEN designer containing ten fashion facts. Each bookmark has a QR code which customers can use to trigger specifically tailored video content. There will be Samsung Galaxy tablets available for customers to use for this purpose. Each film allows customers a unique look into a particular NEWGEN designer’s studio to discover their inspiration and their career defining moments.

As well as creative master classes and live Q&As with industry insiders, there was a screen showing London Fashion Week catwalk shows, interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, together with the NEWGEN designer films.

The designers featured in the film are: Louise Gray, JW Anderson, Nasir Mazhar, Felicity Brown, Heikki Salonen and Thomas Tait.

This year will see Topshop sponsoring Lulu Kennedy’s Fashion East for the 16th season. This is vital for nurturing new talent – many Fashion East designers often go on to be awarded NEWGEN sponsorship.

Since 2001, Topshop has sponsored the British Fashion Council’s NEWGEN scheme. The most established initiative to nurture up-and-coming designers, NEWGEN awards sponsorship for catwalk, exhibition, presentation and installation opportunities.

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All Fancy Dress Set To Make Record Sales This Book Day

AllFancyDress, one of the leading online discount fancy dress stores are set to make record sales this year for World Book Day. Sales have been steadily rising in the run up to the school event, with February estimated to be a great month for business as interest in Book Day fancy dress costumes and accessories has dramatically increased.

Matt Foden of AllFancyDress commented: “There’s no doubt that Book Day has become a real phenomenon in recent years, with more and more children choosing to dress up as their favourite literary characters. It’s a great way for children to really engage with books, and it gives them an opportunity to really inhabit their favourite characters. Its also great fun for them!”

It is a fantastic time of year for children to dress as their favourite fictional characters from a whole range of stories , whether they prefer stories from history, fairy tales, or from more modern books like Harry Potter. Many children even decide to dress up as some of the more quirky characters from fiction, such as the Cat in the Hat!

With sale figures set to reach an all time high, expectations for next year are sure to be high with popularity set to strengthen in schools across the country.

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Charlotte Howard Introduces a New Line of Aromatherapy Jewelry from HealthSpring Essentials

Charlotte Howard, owner of HealthSpring Essentials, has created a unique collection of artisan glass aromatherapy necklaces for the aromatherapy enthusiast. Featuring handmade lampwork glass vials that are topped with natural cork, these one-of-a-kind pieces are a new way to wear healing essential oils.

The Problem: Traveling with essential oils is cumbersome at best. Multiple glass bottles that need to be kept upright and secure in one’s purse or bag can be a headache when one is going to work, shopping, or on vacation.

The Solution: Aromatherapy Jewelry. Aromatherapy jewelry is not new. But, seeing the same stuff everywhere on the web can be disheartening to the aromatherapy devotee. Combining healing aromatherapy with fashion is the natural next step for the woman who uses essential oils everyday. Discrete or dramatic, earthy or sophisticated, small or large – Howard has assembled a variety of new aromatic necklaces to complement the aromatherapy lover’s wardrobe.

The aromatherapy pendants, amphoras, and lockets come in every color and hang from strong, very soft, silk cord that is hand-dyed and hand-sewn, or from sterling silver chain. Carefully chosen beads of glass, sterling silver or copper adorn each piece of jewelry.

Asked why this line was created, Howard responds, “With so many people into aromatherapy these days, including myself, I created a line of really beautiful pieces, something different for the woman who is passionate about aromatherapy and beauty. I kept seeing the same sort of jewelry out there, and it wasn’t very exciting, or fashionable.”

Supporting local artists is also a passion of Charlotte Howard’s. Sourcing handmade glass from the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii , copper work from Sedona, AZ, silver from Bali, and hand-sewn pure silk cord from California , is an integral part of the creative process.

“I am always working with local artists to create unique and powerful pieces. My goal is to present their skills and creativity to the aromatherapy market. There are people out there who love to wear art and who also love aromatherapy – people who appreciate this beautiful and natural combination. I am very proud of the craftsmanship that goes into each piece.”

Aromatherapy Jewelry by HealthSpring Essentials is a collection that will continue to grow with new pieces being added weekly.

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Lady Of The Palace To Become A Sell Out Costume For All Fancy Dress

All Fancy Dress, one of the UK ‘s leading fancy dress retailers, has announced that Lady of the Palace will become a popular choice with fancy dress lovers this year, as World Book Day will be taking place early next month.

World Book Day is a fantastic event that has taken place in schools across the country since its inception in 1998. Every year the event has become bigger and better, and has seen children becoming more actively involved in readying and storytelling.

One of the most popular kinds of costumes that are bought for Book Day are the historic and period costumes. The popularity of these outfits may be due, in part, to the way the subject is now taught at schools, with a greater emphasis on interaction through dressing up and play.

Famous historical stories have been a source of inspiration for many Book Day costumes, like the Lady of the Palace, which is inspired by the Tudor era. They are many popular stories involving the Tudor period including King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I and Mary of Tudors. The Victorian era is also popular amongst children, inspired by great literary figures such as Dickens.

Matt Foden of All Fancy Dress commented: “Book Day has become a huge phenomenon in recent years, with children dressing up in a wide array of costumes from their favourite books. The two most popular kind of costumes are the historical ones, such as the Tudor and Victorian style costumes, as well as characters from traditional and modern books. Fairy tale characters, such as Red Riding Hood are popular, and so too are the more modern book characters such as Harry Potter’. We expect the trend for children to dress up in this way to continue, and I personally think it’s a great way for children to really engage with books and fire their imaginations!”

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China Eastern Airlines Joins Hands With Hachette China – the parent company of ELLE magazine – To Introduce New Uniforms

Recently, China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited (CEA) launched an initiative to change uniforms of its first-line service personnel, replacing the existing ones with a history of nearly 10 years. What is more significant is the cooperation CEA joins hands with Hachette China—the parent company of ELLE magazine, relying on the latter’s grand influence in the fashion field to hunt world’s top designer in order to better display its core brand value of “world-class hospitality with eastern charm”.

CEA owns 370 odd airplanes of different kinds, mainly composed of wide and narrow-body carriers. With Shanghai as its core hub of the airline network covering over 170 cities throughout the world, it provides service to more than 70 million travellers each year with passenger capacity ranking World Top 10. Launching the transnational and crossover design program before its imminent entrance to SkyTeam Alliance, CEA has fully demonstrated its determination to create world-class grade and excellent service experience for global passengers. After the entrance to SkyTeam Alliance, its airline will reach six continents, covering over 900 navigation point cities, and it will notably become more and more integrated with the international society. Aided by Hachette China ‘s fashion impacts, this program will globally hunt a top designer, aiming to well demonstrate a unique international image of oriental glamour and delicate elegance. Which fashion designer will command this design, how CEA service team will be presented to the public in a completely new way, and etc.. All of these noticeable answers will probably be revealed in the near future.

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Hot Fancy Dress Trends for 2011

All Fancy Dress has recently announced that 2011 will be the year for fancy dress as business levels have risen dramatically; fuelling expectations that interest in fancy dress costumes will continue to rise.

.With the greatly anticipated release of superhero films Justice League Mortal and The Avengers Superhero costumes and marvel superhero costumes are seeing an increase in popularity. People are turning to the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman to save the day, with these costumes already beginning to sell out.

Book Day Costumes are also seeing an increase in interest as the event will be hosted early in the next month. Fictional characters such as Harry Potter and folklore characters like Robin Hood are becoming increasingly popular with children and are set to become some of the biggest trend setters for Book Day.

Another big trend that has also been spotted for 2011 is gangster fancy dress. It has always been a popular theme, but in recent sales activities the demand for such costumes has grown. With inspiration from the likes of Al Capone, Vito Corleone and Tony Montana these gangster costumes are signalling gangster fancy dress could be one of the biggest trends of them all.

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All Fancy Dress Announces New Costumes For Book Day

All Fancy Dress, one of the UK ‘s largest online fancy dress retailers has just announced the arrival of six new costumes in time for World Book Day.

World Book Day is an increasingly popular school event and every year becomes bigger and better. It was launched in 1998 by then Prime Minister Tony Blair to encourage children to get excited about reading. During the school day children are encouraged to take part in fun activities, dress up as their favourite fictional character and receive a free book token to spend as they like in any UK bookseller.

All Fancy Dress is answering the growing demand for Book Day costumes by releasing three Boys Book Day Costumes, which include a Knight Costume, Robin Hood Costume and Romeo Costume, as well as three Girls Book Day Costumes, which include the Maid Marion Costume, Tudor Lady Costume and Goldilocks.

Matt Foden of All Fancy Dress commented: “We’re really excited about Book Day this year. Undoubtedly the event has become a phenomenon, and it’s really encouraging to see children dressing up and really engaging with great books. It encourages children to read and write, and it helps to fire their imaginations. With the addition of these 6 new costumes to our existing Book Day Costumes, we now have a really comprehensive range of costumes from all kinds of books for children to choose from ”

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MACS Worldwide, LLC Launches International Office In Hong Kong

MACS Worldwide, LLC, international specialist and supplier of promotional products, announces their new office in Hong Kong, China. The launch of this location marks an international move toward supplying companies across the world with quality promotional products while also boasting strong leadership in customer service.

Shawn Dean, managing partner adds, “Customer Service is defined by far more than taking orders and delivering customized products. The addition of our Hong Kong office sets us apart as an expanding and highly capable product and sourcing solutions company.”

With another office in Atlanta, Georgia, MACS Worldwide is already a leader in the promotional industry. MACS Worldwide is known for bringing ideas to life by branding and trade-marking promotional apparel and products.

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