– Supporting The UK Jewellery Industry

Why is it that most of of our talented home grown jewellery designers are finding themselves struggling to make a success of their businesses and is it right that we just stand by and do nothing to support these wonderful creative people?

Britain’s got talent? Well of course Britain’s got talent and its not just our popstars, actors and entertainers but also those from the design lead industries and in particular the jewellery trade. But what is it really like these days to be a young fresh jewellery designer just having left jewellery school or a reasonably established one for that matter?

Should the UK consumer be concerned about these issues? Why should we care in this day of imported mass produced goods that is virtually available in an instant? Its not yet a crime to be English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish but to buy British is becoming increasingly more and more difficult as a our home grown goods are squeezed from the shelves in our high streets. As a nation we are not readily offered the choice to buy British goods and therefore we are manipulated by the large retail companies to blindly support the system of mass foreign imports. This obviously affects all our designers very hard and many simply give up trading due to the lack of support and help from companies that in all reality could change this very unfair consumer driven retail industry.

There are however small glimmers of hope if shoppers were to look a little harder. Websites supporting local talent do exist but again are not always easy to find due to the struggle between the retail giants and the limitless number of bargain style websites selling low cost imported goods.

“We are increasingly receiving more and more compliments from our customers buying from us and who are concerned over the fact that the UK shopper is limited to the same high street designs with no individual choice whatsoever.”say Love2Have Ltd., a recently newly established UK based website who solely and passionately believe in selling jewellery made here in the UK by UK based designers. “Our customers understand that they may have to pay a little extra for something unique or individually handcrafted but it is the high quality that counts.”

“We simply need to support these designers before the industry disappears altogether. It would be a tragedy to lose such an important part of the British identity that is so much part of the UKs heritage that dates back to the time of the Celts. We have experienced ourselves a demise in the number of jewellers that can readily promote themselves successfully due to the cost of trade show exhibitions that once again do too little to really help our talent by charging exorbitant prices for exhibition space and jousting them against large multinational companies in the same arenas. This obviously affects all our designers very hard and many simply give up.”

Britains’ got talent? Well of course Britains’ got talent.

Love2Have Ltd truly believe in supporting our home grown creative talent so to find out more why not give their website a visit at and help keep our jewellery industry thriving by buying your jewellery from UK based designers. You will find a range of UK made mens jewellery for both men and women including wedding rings, engagement rings, diamond rings as well as huge range of necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks and earrings.

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About Sandbox Couture
Sandbox Couture is an online children’s boutique retailer, providing baby clothes, designer baby clothes and unique baby gifts. The company takes pride in hand selecting products from top designers, thereby ensuring quality and contemporary style. Sandbox Couture’s philanthropic contributions and socially conscious business practices are at the forefront of the company’s ideals and corporate culture. Founded in 2005, Sandbox Couture is privately held and headquartered in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. For information about Sandbox Couture, please visit the company’s web site at

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